Deploy to Licensed Cloud Node - Error

I have an app that experiences the following error when I click Deploy to Licensed Cloud Node in the modeler: In case you can't read the error, it says: Build job failed: System.ArgumentException: A null reference or invalid value was found [GDI+ status: InvalidParameter] This is an app that was converted from Mx4. It is currently in Mx5.9.1. I can Create a Deployment Package in the modeler and manually upload it to the App Platform with no problems. But I really like the speed of having the build happen on the app platform, and I'm hoping someone can give me an idea about what might be causing this error and how to correct it. FYI, I am able to deploy other apps from the same development machine, same modeler with no issues.
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That's a weird error. I looked up the failed build job.

Executing step 'Build deployment structure'
 * Writing files...
 * Compiling Java...
 * Generating integration files...
 * Copying files...
 * Generating files...

** (process:19805): WARNING **: PNG images with 64bpp aren't supported by libgdiplus.

It seems the image handling library libgdiplus in mono cannot handle one of the images that are in your project, because it does not support 64-bit-per-pixel png images.

Here's the code that the error message originates from:

Can you try to look up which image it is, convert it down to a 32bpp png and try again?


Hans -

I was finally able to come back to this issue. In looking at the images on my local machine, the max Bit Depth of any of the images is 32. The images I am looking at are in my project directory inside of the deployment - web - img folder. I still have the same error when trying to use deploy to licensed cloud node. What else should I look at to resolve?