favicon display issue

I hope someone can please assist me. I am having an issue with the Mendix favicon displaying in firefox tab instead of my custom favicon. The custom favicon is being displayed in chrome and ie. If I bookmark the page in firefox the custom favicon is displayed next to the bookmark. I have tried clearing firefox history/cache, using a .png instead of a .ico, creating a favicon with a different name but it keeps using the Mendix favicon in deployment/web. Writing over the Mendix favicon in deployment/web with a custom favicon, it still remains the Mendix favicon. Thank you for any assistance on this subject.
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Add another favicon node in your <head> section of your index.html in the theme dir <link type="image/x-icon" href="images/Custom-favicon.ico" rel="shortcut icon">

after clearing the cache of your browser it wil show up. Did it with multiple Mx projects.