Connect string attribute to dropdown-search field

Is this feature request still on the list??? Hello, I have created a data grid and assigned an entity to it. Now I'd like to use a drop-down search field for one of the attributes. This attribute is of type string. For some reason I can only connect boolean or enumeration attributes of the entity to the drop-down search field. However, I can connect string attributes from associated entities to the drop-down search field. What is the reason why I can use the drop-down search only for string attributes of associated entities and not of the grid entity itself?
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I have thought about this a bit. I am not sure, but it seems to me the reason is that for Enumeration attributes in the base entity and for any attributes in an associated entity, Mendix can easily get a finite list of what the values are (in the associated entity, there is an index in place because of the association). For a string attribute on the base entity, Mendix does not have this finite value list at its disposal, and it would likely be a performance issue to regenerate this list everytime a string attribute on the base entity is used as a search field.

That's just my guess, maybe someone at Mendix can give us some more insight.