How to add hover over text on a pdf icon?

want explanatory text displayed when I hover over the pdf and 'save to My Documents' icons so that it is obvious what they do. I am bit of a novice to Mendix, So anybody that is able to help me could you please give me a step by step guide? This cannot be a tooltip btw, it needs to be a class I think. As there is no toolti option on a PDF logo. Thank you
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Hi Omid,

With the help of Simon's code above please find your problem specific code below. You can use any one of the code below which will solve your issue.

<a href="javascript:void()" title="View Document"><img src="/ui/images/icons/ModuleName$pdf.png"/></a>

or if you just want to add the image and hover text you can use the code below

<img src = "ui/images/icons/ModuleName$pdf.png" alt="View Document" title = "View Document"/>

Note: Please change the ModuleName to the name of your project module where image is saved. Hope this might sort your issue.


If you want to use an alt tag you can simply use the html snippet or format string like so:

Download PDF Download my document

 <a href=""><img src="" width="10%" alt="Download PDF"/> Download my document</a>

Then you can replace the href with the download link to your document and also replace the src with the image you want.



If you select the button and then look in the properties there is an option called tooltip. This will provide the functionality that you need. Just enter the text you need and voila!