Print pdf after creation

I would like to create a document and print it in as few steps as possible. The reason for this is that I have a customer login app which prints a badge when a customer visits our office. So for example: John from company X enters the office, there is an Ipad at the entrance at which John enters his information. After he has entered his information I would like to print a badge for John in as few steps as possible (preferably only pressing save, but I'm guessing this is not possible because the printers are local). Any idea how to do this? Preferably in as few steps as possible because I wouldn't like it if my customer would have to search through my local printers etc. just to print the badge.
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Our current solution is a bit of a workaround but seems to work perfectly:

We allready had an SFTP connection setup for another application, so now whenever a person signs in i create a PDF file and store it in a certain folder in the SFTP. Then on the SFTP server runs a script that checks every 5 seconds if there is a pdf file and prints + deletes it. It's not pretty but it works just fine



I haven't done this before, but it seems to me that using something like this Google Cloud Print should be pretty straightforward. There is even a link on that page to development resources to integrate Cloud Print with your applications. There are, I am sure, many other options besides Cloud Print. If you try this, put a follow up posting here to let everyone know how it works out.

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