Retrieve XML response of SOAP webservice activity

Hi all, I would like to retrieve the full XML response string of a standard Mendix SOAP webservice call activity. Is this possible? I know I can find it via tracing the webservice lognode, but I really want to be able to access it in the handling microflow. I need this because I want to change a tag that the Mendix import mapping is not mapping correctly.
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I actually never saw it, but after reading up on google it seems like the webservice you are calling is upholding an RPC/encoded like structure. Allthough according to Mendix does support RPC/encoded. If you find that it is not working accordingly i suggest you file a bug report.

In order to fix this issue decently without a bug fix i would sugest to use an xslt to transform your response xml to a more Document/literal kind of style.