How to set separetely a date and time, without getting 01-01-1970

Hi guys An user should give a begin date and time for a service. I split the datetime in date picker and time picker. What is the reason when one of both is set, the others goes to the default value? How can I solve this situation? And is there not a nicer widget to use than this default widget?
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Hi Rapido,

When you use separate fields, you are setting only a part of the DateTime attribute, which means that it will go back to 1970 if you only change the time.

What you have to do is show only one datepicker input field and set the property (Properties -> General -> Date format) of it to: Date and Time. now you can enter the date and time in the same field and it will work fine.

If you really want to have two separate fields, you will have to use two different attributes. Then after save, you can merge them.

For an alternative datepicker, type 'date' in the app store search and make your choice. I like the Jquery one.