jQuery Bootgrid: gridcontrol especially designed for bootstrap.

Does anyone have any experience implementing this ( http://www.jquery-bootgrid.com/ ) in Mendix? Would be a huge improvement if a datagrid would have only one search field in stead of one for every attribute.
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Just checked if it possible; and it looks like it is.

the current Mx Search is not much more the adding a xpath constraint to the datasource.

 "(contains(Name,'123')) and (contains(FirstName,'x'))"

This could work with this search too, though performance wise it is not optimal, when you like to search a lot columns at once.
The xpath 'contains' functions does not uses index, because it is not case sensitive. Combining it with a lot of OR statements, would make it not as responsive as the demo BootGrid. (Which loads all data in client memory)

I think it will take about 3 to 5 development days. If someone likes to sponsor them; I might be able to schedule this feature soon.

Cheers Andries


Nice datagrid, the standard would definitely need some improvements. Have a look at the data grid extension on the appstore https://appstore.home.mendix.com/link/app/877/Flock-of-Birds/Data-Grid-Extension-(Flex-Headers)

This will have some similar functions. If you miss any i can have a look if i can implement it for you.

cheers Andries