Can XPath constraints be changed dynamically?

For a variable search function I need to show data as a result from various xpath constraints or microflow created object lists. Is that possible?
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The question is not very clear to me (example?). But it sounds that it, at least, can be solved quite easily using Java actions.


Let me clear things a bit: we need to build a "address tool" to manage addresses. Remove double addresses, show possible identical addresses, match on name or postal code or multiple criteria. Is 'M. Jansen' the same as "M.J. Janssen"? My assumption was that an overview is showed while the xpath constraint is changed based on widgets. Any alternatives welcome.


I would like to accomplish the same thing. Have 1 overview form that can be used is several situations:

1) As a generic search form

2) To show "Tickets assigned to group"

3) To show "Tickets assigned to me"

4) More hardcoded queries

5) Ideally also some user definable queries

So a way to set an x-path dynamically or to use a List generated by a microflow as the dataset for an overview form would be great!


My current solution is:

  1. Create a new entity in the metamodel with an association to user.
  2. Add the data from various sources to that entity
  3. Show it in a form with an xpath constrained to the user.