default tab page when tabs are conditionally shown

I've got a page with one tab container and the following tabs: - admin tab (visible for admin only) - user tab (visible for user only) - details tab (always visible) - comments tab (always visible) When the admin opens the form, i want the admin tab to be opened by default, so i set this tab as default tab. When the user opens the form, i want the details tab to be opened by default, this default page setting isn't available. Off course i can make multiple table rows visible for specific roles, with each it's own tab container OR I could place the details tab before the user tab. But is there an easier way to make the details tab opened by default for userrole 'User'?
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Currently only one tab can be set to default regardless of userrole. This is simply the limitation of the tabcontainer widget as it is. So I'd work around it with either multiple forms or tweaking the visibility as you mentioned already, or if reshuffling the tabs is no problem I'd stick to that.


Benjamin, this is a recent issue in the technology. Currently in Mx5, regardles of what you configure, the platform will never open the tab pages as the default page, if they have conditional visibility specified.

The behavior used to be that the browser tries to open the 'default' tab page. If no default tab page is specified it will open the first tab.
If the tab that is to be opened is hidden, it will open the next tab.
Right now a tab page that has conditional visibility specified can never be opened by default.