Improvements to Page Loading with navigation menus

In the newly released Mx 5.10 there are improvements to page loading that retain the state of widgets when pages are loaded using the same layout. The effect of this is that for navigation menus with 2 levels, an expanded section remains expanded when navigating to a new page. This is a great improvement in UI behavior and is nearly back to the way a navigation tree worked in v 4.x. Thanks for this improvement Mendix !! However, there is one piece of functionality still missing - that is to be able to set the initial state of the navigation menu section to either expanded or collapsed. Does anyone know any way (perhaps through CSS) to be able to set the display property of the menu list to none or inline? Currenly there is no property of the menu items to be able to set a class there, but I wondered if it might be possible by matching the text of the menu item in the CSS. Any suggestions?
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