Refresh within a listview

We are using the widget "Listview" to show form lines that are editable. Within these lines we want to calculate (OC_SetLineTotal) and show the result (refresh) of the quantity * price = total. Unfortunately when we refresh the object in the client it refreshes all objects within that list. After a refresh the cursor is also out of focus. In the listview we want to be able to refresh only the object we are editing not all objects in the list, so that the user sees the feedback/result and the cursor stays in focus. How can we achieve this? Thanks! .
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Know issue of list view. Tried to create a work around, it is possible, but dirty and I did not had the time to complete it. Hopefully Mendix comes up with a proper solution.

Other issue; the refresh triggers to render the list anew (with new DOM nodes). Resulting that you not only the loos the focus but also, you are scrolled back to the top.