Cannot retrieve parameter object in onchange microflow

Hi All, I have an objectA which is retrieved or if empty created, committed and refreshed in data source microflow used in data view and pass out that created/ retrieved object. Then I have Yes/No options and there is onchange event on both Yes and No. So If user clicks on Yes the onchange for Yes will trigger. I am passing the objectA which is retrieved or created in the data source microflow into the onchange event and using it as parameter in onchange microflow. Further within that onchange I am using change object action which will change and refresh value in ObjectA. The issue is that it works perfect on my localhost as expected but when I upload the same code to test cloud server error occurs and when I look into the logs below is the error that I get; ERROR - Connector: (1/34) com.mendix.modules.microflowengine.MicroflowException: requirement failed: Change object 'ObjectA' should not be null I don't know why it is getting ObjectA parameter as null in onchange event, as I have created, committed and refreshed the ObjectA in datasource microflow before passing into onchange microflow. It is strange that it works perfect on localhost and there is no error but on test server this error comes up. Please can anyone help me out to solve this issue. Thanks in advance..!!
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Mohammed, when you create objectA, what is the standard value of the yes / no enum? I am guessing here, but could it be that the standard value is empty but that there also is a validation rule that this enum always should be either yes or no? Because then the commit of the create action is the fault.

Or are you using a boolean for the yes / no validation?