Only SOAP over HTTP is supported

When creating a new imported webservice operation, using an existing URL for the WSDL, the following error occurs: Unexpected transport '' in SOAP binding inside binding 'addressServiceSoapBinding'. Only SOAP over HTTP is supported. I don't understand what this means. Does anyone has an idea?
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I tried to import your wsdl and it failed. I think it's due to soap 1.2. When I replace the binding namespace to the soap 1.1 namespace, it works. So you need to download the wsdl, manually edit line 817 and reimport:


<soap12:binding style="document" transport=""/>


<soap12:binding style="document" transport=""/>

I compared a Mendix generated wsdl with the tomtom wsdl and used the address binding from the mendix generated wsdl. That way it's possible to import the consumed webservice, but I don't know if calling the webservice fails due the mismatch between soap versions. I don't know if Mendix supports soap 1.2, but the tomtom webservice is definitely soap 1.2.