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We have a client that uses SAML as the way to log into the app. For this the index.html redirects to the SAML server where the SSO takes place. But we have certain accounts that do not use the SAML login. The admins of this client do not use this mechanism and use the index3.html where they can bypass the SSO and log in with Mendix name and password. We now want to show one Mendix page to all. This page shows all open jobs of this client. This page needs special styling so that this page can be used as an iframe in their regular website. We created an index4.html and used a deeplink to go to this page for anonymous users. Problem is that this messes the login of the admins. After they log in they get redirected to the SSO landing page and need to do a show previous page and are then logged in to the app as admins. It works but is not so pretty. Anybody a suggestion on how to achieve the ideal situation? So index.html redirects to the SSO server, admins can go to a normal Mendix login page and anonymous users are always redirected to the job page? Regards, Ronald
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You can adapt java loginHelper.createSession and configure multiple redirects. I did this to pass extra parameters to a deeplink.

            if (indexconfig != null && !indexconfig.toString().trim().isEmpty())
                indexpage = "../" + indexconfig.toString().trim();

            if (parameter!= null && !parameter.isEmpty()){
                indexpage = "../link/mydeeplink/" + parameter;
            SSOConfiguration.log.trace("redirect to " + indexpage);
            SSOConfiguration.redirect(response, indexpage);

adapt the doGet from kerberosAuthenticator

protected void doGet(IMxRuntimeRequest request, IMxRuntimeResponse response, boolean retry) throws IOException, ServletException
    String auth = request.getHeader("Authorization");
    String parameter = request.getParameter("parameter");
    SSOConfiguration.log.trace("parameter" + parameter);

pass the parameter to the createSession