Bootstrap theme z-index

I am playing around a bit with the theming of Mx5 but have some trouble with the styling. I notice that when I use the AppCloudServices and use a bootstrap theme a lot of the time the page title is behind the AppCloudServices. Sometimes even the first field is not visible. Furthermore when using a calendar in a pop up form the calendar is behind the pop up. It seems to me that the z-indexes in these bootstrap themes are wrong. Or am I doing something strange? Or should I not use bootstrap and AppCloudServices? Regards, Ronald
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Which bootstrap themes are you using? Is it the bootswatch module? If so I believe I have fixed this issue and I can provide an update to the themes to the appstore. The bootswatch module has been updated, but the individual themes need to be updated.


You can download any of the themes from here:

I will update the themes on the appstores now so that they match the ones in the bootswatch module.

You can also download the bootswatch module and it will have all of these themes as well.

If you still have a problem please let me know.

These themes should contain the fix for the calendar z-index.