How can I map a element in XML of type AnyType to the Domain?

Hello, I have a XSD with an element of type anyType. That means that it can be a string, integer or another complex type. During the mapping this is mapped to a string. In the tag is identified what the type is, but the information is not stored. Below you find a part of the received message, the key is stored, but the value not. How can I store the value? <KeyValuePairOfstringanyType> <b:key>Target</b:key> <b:value i:type="Entity"> <Attributes> <KeyValuePairOfstringanyType> <b:key>territoryid</b:key> <b:value i:type="EntityReference"> <Id>137462a6-ee4d-e411-9e05-d89d67632eac</Id> <LogicalName>territory</LogicalName> <Name i:nil="true"/> </b:value> </KeyValuePairOfstringanyType> <KeyValuePairOfstringanyType> <b:key>accountid</b:key> <b:value i:type="c:guid" xmlns:c="">875f18ee-ec7a-e411-b218-6c3be5be8c78</b:value> </KeyValuePairOfstringanyType> </Attributes> <EntityState i:nil="true"/> <FormattedValues/> <Id>875f18ee-ec7a-e411-b218-6c3be5be8c78</Id> <LogicalName>account</LogicalName> <RelatedEntities/> </b:value> </keyvaluepairofstringanytype>
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You will have to change your xsd/wsdl so that you can fill in an actual type