Download file in Internet Explorer 6

I have created a Microflow that prompts the user to download a drug cover letter and download device cover letter if a drug and a device have been selected. It works fine in Firefox and gives two download option boxes one for the drug report and one for the device report. However when i run it in internet explorer 6, which is our default browser within the company, it only shows the first download box and not the second. So if i selected a drug first and then a device it only shows the download message box for the drug report and not the device report. Whereas Firefox will show both boxes. How can i go about fixing this? Changing browsers is not a option because everyone has to have Internet Explorer 6. I don't think it is a microflow problem as it works in firefox and i cannot see anything wrong with it. Any help would be great.
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I am afraid you need to add an incident in our Partner Portal.