Problems with new release 5.11.0

I have just installed and am testing the new 5.11.0 release and have come across a few issues: Menu document used as vertical navigation in a page layout - the image is now rendered to the right of the menu text, instead of the left. I notice the source is now <a href="#"> My Alerts <img class="mx-menubar-icon" src="http://localhost:8085/img/Administration$inbox_document.png"> </a> Where in earlier versions the image was before the menu text. This requires some extra fiddling with the CSS to reverse the placement again. More importantly, some existing data will not display. I try to open an existing record and get the new progress bar continuously - no errors reported, but the record never opens. New data entered opens correctly, so this only seems to affect existing data records. I have updated to the latest Community Commons and during startup for the first time it did say it had converted thumbnails. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what might prevent old data from being displayed? This is a bit of a show-stopper for upgrading an existing application Edit Hi Daniel - thanks for the update about the menu. I'm still investigating the issue about some data not displaying. My application is a sort of Q&A bulletin board like this forum, and the issue seems to be displaying questions that have answers posted. The answers were displayed using the FormLoader widget which might be what is causing the issue. Replacing it with a snippet call may solve the problem - still testing... Looks like a problem with FormLoader widget It looks like it is a problem with the Form Loader widget. In many places I can replace this with a snippet, but not everywhere. The problem with the snippet is that it is read-only, so where my Form Loader was read-write with OnChange events, I cannot replace it with a snippet and maintain the same functionality. Are there any plans to allow the snippet to be read-write, or is there a better way to restore the functionality? Support ticket 204708 created including sample projects in 5.10.0 and 5.11.0 Update: Mendix has decided not to update the Formloader widget and just say it is not compatible with Mx v5. They suggest using snippets instead, which is fine except for where you wish to make the data editable in place - you cannot do this with snippets which are read-only. I am just testing a modified version of the Formloader widget identified by Duc Bui here Formloader alternative. Looks good so far.
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Hello David,

We found and fixed the issue with the menu bar icons. Could you file a ticket for the issue with records not opening? Please respond here with the ticket number, so that we can investigate it.


The form loader uses mxui.lib.putContent to load a form in a dom node. However mxui.lib.putContent is deprecated in Mendix 4 and should be replaced by mx.ui.openForm. It should still work fine though. The reason that the form loader breaks is that Dojo changed the Deferred API to the promise API. So instead of using addCallback or addErrback to add (error) callbacks use the 'then' method.


Another issue with the 5.11 release seems to be with listening (to) datagrids not being refreshed in all cases.

If you have a data view that listens to a datagrid, all works as expected if you are displaying at least one of the attributes of the data view entity. However, if you are only displaying a datagrid using a reference (a list of objects linked to the selected row), then the dataview containing the reference based datagrid is NOT refreshed to reflect the new selection/