Redirect between requesthandlers

Hi, Our client needs a single sign-on feature for a Mendix application on premise. We are going to implement this feature by building a custom requesthandler, which is mapped to a special relative URL, e.g. /sso. After the custom request handler is done with SSO, it should forward the request to the base URL so that Mendix run-time would process the request as usual. The customer network would redirect requests to our application to URL with /sso. However, this redirect is not conditional: it would be always on. For application it means that all requests coming from the customer network would have to be received by the custom requesthandler. If redirect from the custom request handler to default request handler happens via customer network, then a loop is created. So, my questions is: Is it possible to do a redirect to base URL internally (that is for requests not going via the customer network) and how to do this in Java? Thank you. Andriy
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Take a look at the single sign on module from the appstore. In the createsession of loginhelper a redirect is done with:

    response.addHeader("location", path);