Downside new way of page reloading in BM 5.10

The releasenotes of the BM 5.10 states: "For pages having the same layout, widgets defined on that layout are not reloaded. Because of this, widgets inside layouts, such as menus or snippet contents, now keep their state as long as possible" and "Optimal page reloading: when navigating between pages having the same layout, widgets defined on that layout are not reloaded." Issue: Having multiple navigationlists / widgets / groupboxes on every page, the reloading of every page (BM 5.9.1 vs 5.10.0) has got much worse instead of better, although the pages share the same layout. For instance: in BM 5.9.1 reloading a navigationlist, contained in a microflow dataview, was hardly noticeable, in 5.10.0 I actually see disapearing the 'old' navigationlist, and then recreating the 'new' navigationlist. The same behaviour for other page elements like groupboxes. Is anyone experiencing the same behaviour? Is this 'intended' behaviour in relation to the BM 5.10.0? I really hope this can be fixed one way or another, because the user experience of my app has gone pretty bad because of it.
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I think I figured out the reason of the issue on hand.

The visable and slow reloading of page elements only occurs when there is a dataview, datasource type = microflow on a page container, like a groupbox or f.i. a snippet on just a layout container.

The reloading is as good as in the older versions of the modeler when the dataview is a type = Entity (path).

This issue is introduced in the BM 5.10.0 version, with older versions (5.9.1 and earlier) the reloading was OK.

After doing quite a lot of rework I succeeded in 'solving' the issue by minimizing the use of dataview/datasources type = microflow where ever possible.

Not in all cases that was possible though, so I think I file a ticket for this.


I have not experienced issues like this - in fac my page loading has speeded up. For my applications, this is an improvement in the user experience