Sizing images in the modeler

How can I show images which are smaller than the predefined width or height (e.g. 500) keep smaller? Explanation: My properties are set as followed: Default image is selected Width is set to 500 Height is set as default (0) Show as thumbnail is set to 'false' Actual behaviour: Images with a width larger than 500 are cut. Images with a width smaller than 500 are resized to 500. Desired behaviour: I would like to keep the images with a width smaller than 500 smaller and larger images has to be sized to the maximum of width 500. How to do that?
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You can use the DynamicImage widget for this, which is available in the AppStore (View > Appstore) in version 2.5 or greater.

In 2.4 You might try to set both properties to zero, and set the style property to

'max-height: 500px; max-width: 500px;'

The latter will not work in IE probably.