Add list contents to another list

Scenario: I've got two objects which are both associated to a third object using a reference set. Now I add a few instances of the third object to the first object using a reference set selector. After that a microflow is triggered that should add all the referenced objects (that I just added to the first object) to the second object. I tried to do this using a change list operation (retrieve list of first object and [change list --> add] it to the second object), but if I open a dataview that is connected to the second object, there are no items visible in the reference selector of the second object. Steps: Metamodel: First object <-- Third object --> Second object Reference set selector of first object: add items of third object Microflow: add items that were just added to first object to second object and commit Reference set selector of second object: empty?! When I look into the debug window, I can see that list items are added to the second object, but it seems that the commit of the second object does not commit the association between the second and the third object. Questions: What is going wrong? How do I get this working?
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When is your microflow triggered, is this after or before commit ( it should be after commit).

Also, try using a change object operation rather than a change list. Use the add option instead of set, this will make your microflow a bit smaller in the process.

Just out of curiousity how do you know which Object2 to set? Do you create a new one when you create Object1 or do you have a relation between Object1 and 2?