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After updating a project from 5.8.1 to 5.10.0 and deploying it to a windows server with MX service console 4.2 I get this error. There are no logs lines written to the console or the log, if I click the okay button an empty page is shown. The app works fine when running from the modeler. When attached to the debugger I can see it going through the entry microflow up to where it goes to "Show_form" and exits the microflow (normally), after this it loads for about 2 seconds then the error. I've tried looking at the index-console.html but it gives me the same error and a blank page. I removed all widgets from the project, even made a new homepage, but all I see is this error. When running the old version again (5.8.1) all works fine again. Any help would be much appreciated
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