Microflow link using Rich Text Editor

Good afternoon! I have difficulty getting microflow links to work using the Rich Text Editor (latest version version of the suite). This has been discussed on the forum before (here is the link). I follow all the steps mentioned in the old question item, but two thing go wrong: 1 When I click the link button in the RT Editor, I can't select a microflow link. As you can see in the image, step 5 is empty. I'm guessing this is where this option should be? Is this a bug in the current version? Any help would be usefull here. 2 I add the Javascript manually by clicking the "HTML" button in the RT Editor. Then I go into the Rich Text Viewer and actually click my link. When doing so, my FireBug Console gives me: "SyntaxError: missing ; before statement" This is the Javascript I use: <a href="javascript:${Rochus}">Click me!</a> Anybody who can help me sorting this out? What does this SyntaxError means?
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It appears the issue is related to Mx5. Within Mx4 (used version 4.8.7), everything works as it should. When re-creating the same functionality with either the latest version of the Rich Text Suite, or the same used for the Mx4 project, within Mx5 (used version 5.11.0), step 5 (see image above) is empty and no link can be added. I'm sending test projects to Mendix in order to have them fix the issue.