Issues after installation of V5.11.0

At the end of last week I installed V5.11.0 for the theming course. On the way home I discovered that my current projects in V5.9.1 would logon (when run locally) for test purposes but displayed a totally blank page. At first I thought I must have inadvertently changed the security somehow. However eventually I discovered that all my 5.9.1 projects exhibited the same issue. Once I upgraded these to 5.11 then they work fine again. In this case we are lucky that as long as everything tests out we are in a position to upgrade the system at this time. I have also found that the standard export to excel button is hanging up in the browser. This was working fine before the upgrade. Has anyone any ideas how to sort or is there some setting that I have not changed that will sort these issues? Thanks for any help. Edit: I have another model that I have also upgraded to V5.11.0 that will export to excel with no problem.
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Hi David,

I had similar issues, with the 5.10 beta and final. These were related to browser caching and cookies. Clearing the browser cache solved most of those issues. I have Chrome configured (with an extension) to clear the cache each time I close the browser.

One remains, which is by design I’m afraid:

Our production project does not use the full page login but a popup. Most demo projects that use security, including the Employee and Expense demo’s, use a full page login because they support the appcloud login. This is controlled by index.html, which sets a cookie to force the full page login. Because the cookie is set at localhost, it affects all other projects too. When I get the full page login in my production project, I just kill the localhost cookies. This affects local testing only of course. Cloud nodes all have a separate URL, so the cookies are stored separately too.