Questionnaire module - Dependency cant be added in initial opening of an element window.

Hi, I have been working with the questionnaire module from the app store and testing its functionality. Its a great application for making questionnaires, but I have ran into an issue and wondered if I am the only one? When I add an element after another element in the Questionnaire configuration page. I cannot add depenencies for the element that I just created. However, if I save the element first and go back to edit then I can add a dependency with no issues. I debugged the microflows and I noticed it creates two objects, one ElementConfig and the other is the Type of Element(Text,List, etc). In this microflow, its deletes the ElementConfig object because the Type of the Element, for example lets call it TextInputConfig, will be the object to be saved for the element the user wants to create for the questionnaire. However, in this microflow it does not save the element type and opens the page for the user to edit the information for the element type. Therefore, when I try to add a dependency it cannot find the id of the ElemenConfig object because it got deleted and the new object TextinputConfig has not been saved yet. I was thinking of adding a save during the mircoflow process after the type of element is chosen, so the dependency can find the new id of the element type. Any thoughts? Thanks, Michael
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