deeplink GUID param not being passed

Hi guys, I have used the "forgot password" module notation from v5+ on a current project on v336, by creating a new ForgotPassword module in v336 and using the existing MxReflection, Email template modules already in the app. Added the deeplink one and when user (guest) forgets password, there is a neat email being sent to the user with URL including deeplink name and GUID. All good at this stage! When link is pressed, the correct microflow is called but the GUID string passed as param is always the "/link/mydeeplink". I have looked at the java actions and very much from the start of the excution the stringArguments is the deeplink name, which looks correct, but it stops there. I've tried to grab more params but no luck there. Is it the case that I need to match further to the deeplink module used in v5+? I don't have the GETs attributes in v336. Looking at the v5+ I assume that as long as my microflow has the param string GUID I should be getting that param, but I only get the first, the deeplink one, which then shows me the "invalid request" screen (Step3_UnknownCode form). I could substitute the java actions, but some Core calls may be different and obviously the app is running in v336, not v5+. Has anyone passed params like GUID in earlier versions of deeplink? How does it read the set of params? LR.
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With Chris help, the forgot password link is working! (+1 vote for Chris de Gelder) All I need now is to make the request.getParameter("GUID") a bit more dynamic so the deeplink can be used for other links rather then just the forgot password one. Although, I could always pass the GUID for all deeplinks, and that will work too.

Mainly, I have used the v5+ notation of the "Forgot Password" module, and updated slightly the java actions "StartDeeplinkJava" and "ExecuteDeeplink". The missing bit of the puzzle was the "request.getParameter("GUID"); call to assign the qs value that is then passed on to the required microflow as a parameter. If we were on v5+ this would have been simpler, but when we get that glorious chance to migrate, things will be simpler, as this section already looks similar to the new forgot password module. All good! Thanks. LR.