How to create a pkcs12 container usable by Mendix

My goal is to achieve mutual ssl verification of a webservice we are consuming with Mendix. To achieve this I need to upload the certificates in our environment. These are the steps we have taken. Created a private and public key with openssl. Created the privatekey.pem Created a certificate signing request. Received back three pem files (a CA certificate, a chain certificate and the public key all in pem format.) Now I need to create the pkcs12 container using OpenSSL. From the documentation I need to do with openssl: pkcs12 -export -in name-cert.pem -inkey private/name-key.pem -certfile cacert.pem -name "[friendly name]" -out name-cert.p12 But here I do get into trouble because either I am mixing up some certificates or there is something other wrong because OpenSSL does not process my commnand. I tried: pkcs12 export -in publickey.pem -inkey privatekey.pem -certfile CA.pem -name "somename" -out somename.p12 Anybody a clue where I go wrong? May be some of the certificate wizards at Mendix? Regards, Ronald
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