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Currently, I am struggeling with publishing a REST service. I have a microflow that returns a list. This microflow is added in the afterstartup microflow action CreateMicroflowService. This works, I can make a request using SoapUI and it returns xml and invalid JSON. When I try to consume this REST service in the same Mendix app by using the RestService.request action, an error occurs. In the console, an error appears that no valid JSON is returning. After this, I tried to configure the REST service by using the RestService.ServiceDefinition_NewEdit page. But when I try to save the record, the page doens't close. After this, the Mendix console can only be stopped when forcing. Anyone had similair problems? What I want to achieve is to publish and consume one REST service with valid JSON.
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This sounds like you are using the built-in HSQLDB database? Please use postgres or some other supported 'real' database.

Note that to consume 'arrays', you need to use getCollection instead of get.