Datepicker resulting in a string value

Hi, I am looking for a date picker widget that results in a string instead of a date field. The seeded date picker obviously is related to datetime fields only. I am not interested in datetime functionality, I would prefer to store the date as a date (regardless of time/timezone/UTC etc...) and since this is not available I probably need to store it as a string. Our application is used in several time zones and we want to ensure that dates like birthdays, contract start dates etc... are displayed exactly the same to all users in all timezones. Issue also discussed in: I am aware that I can work around the issue using the seeded date picker and using date and string columns populating them using microflow events. Thanks.
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You could just solve that with a microflow. Use the on change on a non persisitent date attribute and use the formateDateTime command to create the string.

But Brian, I still think what you want can simply be done with the datetime attribute. Make sure that localize is off for this attribute that that when using a microflow on this attribute to change it always use the UTC versions of the command. Once you know the pitfalls it can be easiy....