Grid from an NP Entity sometime shows no values

Hi All, I have a strange problem. I have a Webform which has a data grid which is by a microflow. This microflow for a very good reason is takes a P entity and for wach P entity entry prepares a NP entity entry. Now this microflow works absolutely fine and it contains values all the time(if P has some values) Now before showing this form i always call this microflow which fills this NP entity and shows in a datagrid. Sometimes even if the NP entity has values the grid shows 0 items. If i refresh the page or change to a different navigation and come back again, it shows the value. I tried extra refreshes. refreshClass, change object refresh in client etc etc but with no luck. Any expert info here or some extra tricks? Please help
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solution couldnt be found for this, looks like a plattform problem.