Using enumeration values in an xpath constraint

I just tried to use the modeler to change a microflow. What I want to do is to remove a specific object , which has an attribute set to a specific enumeration value. I noticed that the XPath constraint editor cannot auto complete the enumeration value. E.g. the enumeration is MyModule.MyEnumeration with possible values A, B, C. The entity that I'm working with is called Foo, which has an attribute Bar of type MyModule.MyEnumeration. If I do a Retrieve Object, then choose First it seems I cannot specify [Bar=MyModule.MyEnumeration.A]. If i try [Bar='A'] the XPath is accepted by the modeler. Does this mean enumerations aren't "First Class Citizens" in the Mendix ecosystem?
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Yes you could say that. Allthough i do believe you can autocomplete them they are somewhere in the list present as a variable like current user and currentdatetime