Long-running microflow

In the forum there are discussions about setting the long-running property of a microflow. The documentation section doesn't mention it (I searched for "long-running" and got zero results. And I can''t find it anywhere in the properties in the modeler. How to do it ( I tried to tell the user something like "please wait a minute" as first 'statement' in the microflow, but that didn''t work: it only popped up at the end. While doing a XML import there's kind of an hourglass (a blue turning stick). Is it possible to show that during execution of a microflow? That would be very nice. Kees
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I happened to notice 'long running' as an option (and something called a 'progress indicator' when starting a microflow from an invoke-button on a form. That might answer the question more or less. But it isn't a property of the microflow, but an attribute of the calling event; that's something different, of course.

The microflow I had in mind when asking the question was started right from the menu, not from a button on a form. So maybe I only meant to ask "Is it possible somehow to specify 'long running' when starting a microflow from the menu. Either as a property of the microflow, or as a property of the menu-item".