IP Address request

HI, a third party who are consuming a few webservices we have exposed on an app in the custom cloud is asking us to supply the IP addresses. No specification of nodes and/or webservices IPs. From searching the forum, there are a few entries talking about this subject and I'm not sure exactly whether this is possible, can we, should we, etc? If we can, how can we get the ip addresses of nodes and/or webservices. I was trying to ping the domain url, but never able to access the site directly. Also tried one of the suggestions via putty (curl -s icanhazip.com) and ended up with a very weird ip which I don't understand it since it certainly doesn't look like a normal 32bit IP. LR.
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I think this is the most relevant discussion: link. It has Mendix guys saying you shouldn't and I have posted a pragmatic solution. It would be interesting to see if the Mendix policies have changed, as Jouke said he'd try.