Error This number is too big and cannot be accurately represented. using the ImageCrop module

Hi all, I'm using the ImageCrop module to scale my profile images to a 1:1 square for the nice circled profile images. It works perfect with relatively small images but when images get bigger I get the 'This number is too big and cannot be accurately represented.'- error. There is no log in my console, not even with a couple of log levels set to trace. My guess is that the ImageCrop widget is trying to write something in my database that can't handle the size. Any ideas on how to find what value this could be? Thanks in advance! Jeroen
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That is because of what javascript can represent:

It isn't possible to show (accurately) a number larger than 9 007 199 254 740 992 so for some reason you get a number that is larger than that? The client checks for the value, if it is larger than the above number you will get that error message you referenced.

You should check your implementation, I can't think of a reason why the image crop module would calculate such a larger number. So your next step should probably debugging the microflows to find the place where this number is being calculated.