Mx 5.12 not so stable

Offcourse it could be only our (larger then most projects) model, but since a couple of weeks we started to work in V5 in earnest. But I experience a lot of crashes with V5.12 that I never had in prior releases (V4,V3 etc). For instance: Updating from the teamserver just never stops. It hangs on the Refresh status information for ever. Have to kill the process and hope that opening the model works, or throw everything away and do a fresh download. Problem when you have changes that not have been committed (and since a commit needs a refresh before you can commit a tricky one). Committing results in a crash. Opening the model crashes the modeller again. The commit has been done so deleting the model and downloading again solves the problem. Restarting the model results in a never ending loading page. The login page will never show up. You need to close the modeller and reopen it again. As said, may be we are the only one experiencing these kind of problems. Not always can I submit feedback on these errors and I am wondering if it is just us or that more 512 users have these kind of problems. Regards, Ronald
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Hearing this makes me unhappy. I want the Modeler to be a fast and stable product for everyone. Of course, if models become really, really large, there will be a slowdown, but stability should not suffer.

I will look into performance with large models and I will personally fight for 64-bit support in the Modeler.

Do you only experience these issues when working with large models?

If you visit our office, I would love to see the problems you describe in person.