Events have no effect inside a non-editable context warning.

I have a warning that in my opinion is not correct. The warning (Events have no effect inside a non-editable context) is also given for the imagaviewer object in Mx5. But one of the specific usages is the image viewer is that the user can click on the image and thus create a menu of icons. And this image must be non editable because I do not want the user to change the image. I can offcourse negate the warning, but I would like to have my model without any warnings :) Regards, Ronald [EDIT] Ticket has been filed: 205428
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+1 for actually making an effort to remove warnings. A bunch of tickets cost their callers a lot of time which they could have prevented by reading their warnings. That said, they're not perfect and I suppose that goes for this case as well. I think you're right but you'd probably have to file a feature request to have this warning relaxed.