Import WSDL - Warning about element while not present

When I try to import a WSDL file in Mendix 5.11.1, I get a warning: "Some WSDL operations or XSD elements are not supported". In the details, it says: "'Any' element is not supported." twice. However, when I open the .wsdl file in a text editor and search for "any", I don't get any results. Furthermore, the WSDL file does not contain the All element either. Finally, I see the following construct: <wsdl:operation name="GetList"> <wsdl:input message="tns:someName"/> <wsdl:output message="tns:someName"/> <wsdl:fault name="someFault" message="tns:FaultDetailMessage"/> </wsdl:operation> How do I find which operation or element is not supported?
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Imported the same WSDL in Mendix 5.12.0 and I got no errors.