Special Characters

Basically i have created a databases that keeps track of peoples names and address that are all over the world. One of the problems the program is having is that when a user enter characters such as é, ä, ñ they are coming up with the following wrong characters: é, ä, ñ. This is obviously wrong and is probably down to the character encoding. But how do I change this? Their address/name needs these characters as the names/addresses are from all over the world. Ok I still have this problem and i have found out that this problem only occurs when on the web server. When i enter these characters:é, ä, ñ when running on my own computer it works fine and stores it fine. However when i run the application on the web server it changes the characters to é, ä, ñ. I think for some reason when you save it the system is converting it some how? I think something is wrong with the server maybe. I have checked all of the language and regional settings and made them identical to my computer. However i still have the problem. Does anyone have any ideas other than the database, because i have ruled this out now.
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You have to start Java with the following parameter:


Make sure this parameter is added to the java.exe command.

If you are running 2.4 as a service under Windows, the parameter must be set in the file wrapper.conf, see this page. In 2.5, this parameter will be added automatically.


It sounds like an encoding problem. Is your database in Utf-8 encoding? If that does not cause the problem i think the problem deserves to file a ticket in the Partner Portal