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I'm working on a Mendix 3.0.0 application and I want to change the log file levels of the m2ee_log to INFO. I found this HowTo on the Mendix website. I tried to run the m2ee command on the command line without succes. I did find a m2ee.dll file in the Mendix project folder. The HowTo says: All configuration that is specific to the application environment you're logged in to is contained in a configuration file, that is named m2ee.yaml, The problem is that I can't locate this file. The logging to m2ee_log.txt is working so m2ee is installed. How can I configure m2ee? Thanks in advance...
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Are you trying to set the log levels of your own local environment, or is this an on premis installation of Mendix/? Local you can change the log levels by running the model and going to the advanced tab.

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In the on premis installation you need to look in the .m2ee directory.