Flat File Importer

Hi, We are using the Flat and Delimited File importer from the app store in Mendix 5 projects that were converted from Mendix 4. No problem but now we upgraded one of those projects to Mendix 5.12 from 5.9.1. The java code will compile anymore with the following errer. [javac] Compiling 452 source files to D:\Development\MX-GiftCard_main\deployment\run\bin [javac] D:\Development\MX-GiftCard_main\javasource\flatfileinterface\proxies\TextQualifier.java:11: error: illegal escape character [javac] Double_Quote___(new String[][] { new String[] { "en_US", "Double Quote(\")" }, new String[] { "nl_NL", "Double Quote(\")" }, new String[] { "nl_BE", "Double Quote(\")" } }); Any suggestion. Can we work around this or do we really need a Mx5 compatible version?
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Hi Cees, this question has been asked a week ago as well. It's an issue in how the modeler exports the Java action. You can easily work around it, please see this answer: