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I filled the database via a excel import and via the build in database view I can see that the number of records in the database is about 120,000 record. However when I try to view it in a data grid, the number of object is 0. If I retrieve the data in a mircoflow, in debug mode, the mircoflow stops. Did anyone experience this? Is there a maximum size of records that can be retrieved and if so is that adjustable?
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In your datagrid, set wait for search to Yes. This way, will not try to prefill the datagrid with 120,000 objects. Then, when you navigate to the datagrid, you will need to specify some search criteria and click search to see some of your records. 120,000 is a lot of records to display on a single web page, so you are probably running into a combination of database performance constraints and web page performance constraints.

In the microflow, as Jelle said, you will need to limit your retrieve in some way so you are not running into a memory or performance issue.