Formatting checkbox set selector

I am using the checkbox set selector to display a list of items. I have 20 items to show. Anyone know if there's a way to format it to show 5 columns with 4 rows? I'm only showing 1 attribute. Thanks, Tracy
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Tracy, if you are using a modern web browser (Chrome, Firefox, IE 10+) try this CSS styling on your Checkbox Set Selector widget:


This basic concept worked for me in Chrome and IE11, but it may require some additional styling effort to get exactly what you want. Here's an extremely simple example:

alt text


Is currently not possible but the widget can be expanded with a rows and columns property.


I have some additional formatting issues with the checkbox set selector I'm hoping someone can help with.

  1. Extraneous columns - with each selection made I am seeing an additional column added after the 1st column, which adjusts the entire layout. This happens with each subsequent selection as well and happens whether I have only a single column display or use multiple.

  2. Alignment - With multiple columns, sometimes the checkbox and the checkbox set selector are appearing in separate rows

  3. Border line - borders lines are visible around each checkbox as well as the associated text. If the above issues are addressed this may not be as much of an issue, but I feel that it amplifies the layout issues above.

Thanks, Tracy