Inserted data disappears after some time

Hello, I am trying to insert data from excel file, once insertion is success, the data will be loaded on the page with associated entities data. Once I open the page, any of the associated entity page, the data disappears when I come back to the same page. Any idea, what could be the issue ...? I am doing the following steps: 1. Importing excel file in to temporary Entity ( persisted) - with java action, data saved in entities. 2. reading the data in the modeller, creating Entities and associated entities, saving data and associations too... 3. Commit together at the end, Once the commit is success, it shows data on the page as well as in Database. 4. I try open the page, and click on Cancel page to come back to parent page... 5. when I navigate back to the same page data disappears. 6. if I do not click on Cancel, the data exists till I access the entity data... Any suggestions...? Thanks in advance..
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