ExcelImporter MF parse long

I am trying to parse a long with a "parse with" microflow I have created. The attribute of the enitity is indeed of type Long. But as it is not possible to explicitely tell a MF to output a long, the MxModelReflection module will see the output of the MF as Integer. Hence, the following error is displayed when trying to save the "Column Details": "The return type of the microflow must be of the same type as the selected member" How should I parse a Long using the ExcelImporter?
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That is an issue in the validation, you could try replacing the validation rule with the microflow export from this link

You can put this in the folder Template / Column / Validation / document: 'ValidateColumnMF'

I wasn't able to test this myself, but this should work and allow integer/long to be compatible again. The code supports this, but the validation is no longer accurate.

If this works, this will be part of the next excel importer appstore release.


Thanks for providing a fix Jasper.

However, there is an error in the ValidateColumnMF you've provided but I was able to fix it myself. I created a bit of a dirty fix because I believe what you've provided should have worked.

The first validation in exl split 'mf type = member type' fails in my case because Output and Member are of the same TypeEnum but somehow they are two different instances. So $ValueType_Output != $ValueType_Member.

I have changed it to $ValueType_Output/TypeEnum = $ValueType_Member/TypeEnum and have provided a revised package.