Final Year Project Ideas

I am currently studying at University of Kent Canterbury and in my final year of University, which will commence in September, I have to do a project. This project is like a thesis, but is in a group and you have to come up with a software or system. I am currently using Mendix at work and would like to carry on using it at University. So I am looking for ideas on some new feature for Mendix or plug-ins or widget, anything really as long as its challenging and is needed. I am unsure what is planned in the future for Mendix, especially with 2.5 being released soon, but i hope there are some nice ideas out there! So if anyone has any ideas on any projects I could do then post them on here! Thanks
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This widget ideas thread and this model ideas thread might inspire you. I will keep the question in mind an post any ideas here. Regarding the widgets, i can tell whether a specific one is already planned as well. Does your thesis focus on the technical aspect or the business aspect of such extension?