Mobile iOS specific web app enabled issue

We are working on some things for the mobile side of our application. We went through and enabled the apple-mobile-web-app-capable and a number of other features so that the app runs in full screen, hiding the browser url bars and navigation bars so that they are limited to the buttons we provided (and the microflows that are necessary when clicking around). Problem: when we use the File Manager to download a PDF from the FileDocument entity, iOS forces it to open another window to view it. Because we hid the navigation bars, we have no way to back out of the pdf viewer or navigate to the other browser tab where our app is running in this mode. I've read up on all sorts of things, such as trying to figure out how to call the specific file with my own built link, Quicklook, etc. I uncovered that Mobile Safari still doesn't let a user download a document (long story), at least not in how you would think. his is only a Safari issue and not an Android because of how the file is managed in the OS. End goal being that clicking on the "Download" of the File Manager widget (or something like it) results ideally in asking what app you would like to use to view it, or at the very least opening it using Safari OUTSIDE of our webapp. Thoughts?
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We are running into the same problem (see ticket 204771). Mendix reported that a solution will be released within 2 months from now, barring unforeseen circumstances.