Impersonation Authentication (IIS) on Mendix on-premise

Hi there, Can I use Impersonation on an on-premise Mendix app? Example : I need to use the Community Commons Java action that downloads a file from a URL but the URLs I need to access are internal to where the server is running and require authentication. Our client currently uses : <identity impersonate="true" userName="domain\username" password="password" /> In the Web.Config file in IIS. Will this work for Mendix? At the moment I am waiting for IIS to be installed(Governance roadblocks) so I thought I would ask before being able to test. Thanks!
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This is ASP.NET authentication which has nothing to do with Mendix authentication. You can use a single sign on solution.

Edit 1: Kerberos will work in MS Active Directory with kerberos enabled. Follow the documentation.