Use Entity more than once on a page

Hi All, This one is driving me crazy and I've tried a lot of different approaches, none seem to work. I have two entities "Employee" and "Customer". The customer needs to have two "employees" assigned, one as a sales person and one as a Tech. I'll be using the fullname from Employee to display. No when i do get it right, then the field Sales and Tech are linked. If i try and split them I get weird stuff like "Employee" of the data grid in the select page is not a (specialization of) entity. I haven't done this before but I've needed the scenario a few times. If someone could help me I would be extremely grateful.
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Create two references between customer and employee and call the first Sales and the second Tech. In the form you can place a reference selector. Place two of them each pointing to one of the references. You can even make it fancy by setting a xpath constraint. Because if you can pinpoint the role of tech or sales you can use this on the xpath so that the user can only select sales people in the sales reference and tech people in the tech reference.

Hope this helps a bit,